so this time of year always makes me want to be more organized and i have tried especially to do that in our small cramped, very multipurpose den room. it has the computer/printer and desk in it, a book shelf that is full, my sewing table and two large sterilite plastic sets of drawers with fabric in them that are stacked on top of each other, two folding chairs...also our washer and dryer are in one closet as well as vacuum and other cleaning stuff in another closet...and all of our stuff for our various church callings we hold right now. okay, so the room is overtasked...but my sewing table was getting to be a bit ridiculous and non-functioning because it was beseiged by RIBBON! so i decided to do something about it.

after: inside (2 boxes)


we must give props to martha stewart and team (you don't think she comes up with that stuff all by herself do you?) Her Ribbon Dispenser is where i got the idea,
i didn't cut slits in the outside of the box for the ribbon because it is such varying widths. i am content to unroll it from inside the box and then tape the ends back down. although one day when i have actual wall space to call my own, i really like this idea using metal gutters.
the best part of this was that Michael's was having a sale and i got the boxes (reg. $5 or $6) for only $1.50.
my other organizational project i am doing right now is compiling all my recipes into one place. I bought a photo album and almost 300 recipe cards and i copy one or two recipes when i sit down at the table....it's slow going but i am excited about that one as well.


luke and briton alo said...

Okay, the ribbon gutter idea...can you tell me where you found it because my mom NEEDS them. She has more ribbon than the ribbon section at hobby lobby! I am not kidding.

Lacey said...

Oh! I love the picture of the ribbon on the wall!! If only I had a craft room! And the way I go through ribbon, heaven knows I could use a ribbon wall!

Great way to use your storage bins! Gotta love Martha! And her team!

Audrey said...

I love it. I love to feel organized and CLEAN!!!