crazy busy...

last week my parents came to town for KENDALL'S GRADUATION FROM LAW SCHOOL! yes, it has finally happened, he has graduated! yahoo! it was such a flurry of activity, not least of which was cleaning getting ready for my parents to come. man, if my house was always that clean! and then i had to do the recovery cleaning and laundry today, after our days of fun...whew...i digress....
(this is us after our nasty hot walk in over 100 degrees...this is the week my stomach started to show itself, i think)

we went to the large university convocation on wed. where President Obama spoke. my goodness, it was quite a production!!! we parked at the park and ride in tempe, rode the train to campus and expected that there would be a shuttle there to take us to the stadium...but it was running late...40 minutes late and kendall needed to be there before that so we walked, and it was over 100 degrees and that was at about 3 pm. it didn't start until 7 but they had to get people there in shifts and kendall was supposed to check in between 3:30 and 4 and we got to go with him through a special "staff" entrance because he was being given an award, so we hoofed it to the stadium, my mom (who abhores heat) holding up better than i did...being pregnant and having to GO TO THE BATHROOM so bad! in an effort to keep myself hydrated i had just finished my second water bottle in one hour...it made for an uncomfortable walk to say the least...anyway, we got there, got in and waited a few more hours for things to start. bless my brother in law and sister in law for taking care of the kids, i think we all would have been in tears or running in the streets had they not volunteered to watch the small ones.

it was very cool to be there, and see all the festivities. the actual speech making-graduate recognizing hooplah lasted about 3 hours (complete with fireworks at the end) and then we had to connect with kendall again and by then we were all starving...so back to the light rail stop and through a little juggling of stops, back to the park and ride and then on to IHOP (it was about 11:30pm i think, by the time we got there) and eating at midnight and back home to sleep! whew!

(our view from our seats...waaaaaay up high!) (mr. president)

here is kendall being recognized for his good smartness:)
thursday we had a family party.

on friday we had the law school graduation, which i didn't get very good pictures of at all. we'll have to take a post-actual-commencement picture of kendall in his finery. here's one of him and the kids....

and now we are readying ourselves to go to lake powell on a houseboat for three days. we leave on wed. to drive up there and get the boat on thurs. there will be 8 adults and our two kids...should be a blast! i am really excited!

the kids LOVED having my parents here and it was a lot of fun for me too, seeing them interact together, since they don't get to do that a lot. avery, of course, had my dad feeding her oatmeal every morning and impressed them by giving them kisses at every opportunity:)

ethan loved it as well, but got sick on sat. with the same stomach nasty that avery just recently got over. yuck! i just cross my fingers that no one else gets it...meaning me:)


Melissa said...

Sounds fun! Have a great time on your trip! When do you get back?

rachel said...

Congratulations to Kendall!! WHOOHOO!!

holly said...

i know that you are both very EXCITED!!!!! what a eventful week! it's time to RELAX! enjoy the trip.....can't wait to see pics!