Happy Mother's Day!!!

happy day for moms! i love all the mothers in my life so much and am so grateful for them. hope you all have a great day and do some relaxing:)

if you haven't seen this hoops and yo yo card from hallmark, see it, it's hilarious...what mom hears when we talk to her and what we think we are saying, so funny!

yay for moms!


rachel said...

Happy Mother's Day Jen!! I hope you got some rest in too!! You are an incredible example for the rest of us!!

Audrey said...

I loved the card. Isn't that the truth?

Kristine said...

Wow! You have been busy! I bet you love having your old hairstyle back! That is great that you worked that hard to donate it.. such a blessing for someone out there. Also, congratulations on expecting #3 - I hope that all is going good!