why can't jen think of anything new and fun and exciting to say?

seriously, i feel like i am totally "here" with you guys in cyber-blog-space and then i realize it's been a while since i posted and then i think...shoot, well what do i say? and then i think...i don't really have anything new to say so i'll say nothing right now, then time gets away from me and then...here we are. not that it's been a huge long time since i posted but...anyway, i am rambling. i had almost no projects in the last couple of weeks and now i have 2 birthday presents for little nieces, two nursing covers, two car seat canopies, and one photography prop "experiment to see what i can come up with" project, all of which i am STOKED about but....i am wicked tired with this baby and need my afternoon rest time which i would normally use to sew in, so that leaves nights after kiddos go to sleep so i am...procrastinating but i am so happy to have these projects that waiting to do them seems silly...anyway, yeah, so that's what i'm doing. pictures of finished WIPs (Work In Progress) to come!!!!


Melissa said...

Maybe we need to go do something super fun and exciting, huh? Then, you could blog about it. I'll keep thinking of ideas. Also, where are the lake powell pictures?

JenW said...

where are those lake powell pictures????? dang...thanks for keeping me honest melissa:)

jenn said...

fun! your little girl is so adorable!!