f i v e

he's five. it's amazing.

on friday he turned the big 5. the time is flying by with him. with all of them. i love him so much. he is so considerate, so loving. he saves treats for avery, smiles and talks to blake so sweetly and wants to give me a hug or kiss about 18 million times a day. he is sweet. except when he's jumping up and down and having a tantrum but hopefully those will get fewer and far between:) ethan we love you so much! thank you for being a great son and brother!

the camera situation has been fixed! yahoo! meet...penny...pan...lenny...lumière...i can't decide what it's name is:) suggestions are being taken! it's a panasonic lumix...i got it at costco and i am just so happy about it. i think i will love it!

here are the other cuties..just for good measure:) blake turned 8 MONTHS OLD this week...also amazing. man...fast forward i'm telling you! he's super cute..and getting more opinions...imagine that:)

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Hansonpatch said...

Happy Birthday Ethan! 5 years old is the best age ever! Kindergarten is exiting, but you still think Mom and Dad are experts in every field. Playdough is a full time occupation, and legos and other crafts have neverending significance. 5 is a good time to be alive! As for the other two they are as always, adorable! Of course your kids are good they have an excellent example to follow!