Dear Monsoon...

okay, let's just be up front and say...i LOVE you. love the rain. i do. i {heart} rain. i'm from washington state people. i like the way it smells, i like the clouds that accompany it. i like how a rain-washed world feels after the fact. i even like getting to use my windshield wipers. but, mr. monsoon, when you come on down with your big bad self and rain on my TABLE, BENCH and CHAIRS...then i have a problem with you. seriously. lay off a minute so i can get the darn things done and inside. kay? then we can continue our love relationship instead of our love/hate we got going on right now...okay? kisses...

the woman with paint all over herself

(i actually had someone ask me last night at cub scouts..."sister w**, what are you painting?" just from seeing the back of my arm. apparently i've been not only painting the furniture, but my arm as well!)

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