i {heart} minwax...

so you remember the table and chairs? well, in my pregnant "i am so freaking hot and can't stand it anymore" haste last summer when i painted that set of furniture...i didn't seal it. it will be fine..i thought. it wasn't. the kids got marker on it, paint on it that wouldn't come off (it was orange..which usually i love but you know), food on it that wouldn't wipe...gouges in the paint, paint chipping off...it was sad for me because i spent so much time on it and it wasn't holding up well.

so i finally took it outside one week fixed all the dings and scrapes and started sealing it with minwax polycrylic...it looks so much better! awesome! (you can see it all shiny in the pictures of ethan's birthday...below) also, i rediscovered my love of plasticized tablecloths...i went to Big Lots (love that store) and they had them in all sizes and shapes for only $3.50. it was awesome. i got a "food" one and an "art" one for the round table. and it has saved so much grief for me! love it!

(p.s. after about three days of "having a picnic" on the floor of the kitchen where the round table used to be, every meal ethan said..."when is the table coming back in???" i guess even the novelty of a picnic can wear off...who knew?:))

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