MAD science!

LONG POST...but lots of pictures!
ethan's party was a lot of fun! we had 12 kids running around...not all of them wanted to wear their lab coats (ordered from here...they have lots of sizes, they are disposable and not expensive...it's the shipping that'll get ya!)but i think all of them had a good time.

we started off by having the boys (all boys but avery) build with marshmallows and straws until everyone arrived.

then we split into two groups (coordinated with different colored stars on their name tags) and kendall did the egg in a bottle experiment/trick and made english muffin pizzas and i took a group and made bubbles and they colored playdough that i had already mixed up.

(eggs in the bottle afterward...)
(mixing up bubbles...and the kids took home their own bubbles and playdough)

then we switched groups. after that they opened presents while the pizzas cooked...then we ate. then we did soda geysers in the back yard (didn't get pics because i was helping with it...)

then we came back in and had brain cake (the boys loved it!) this was very easy to make and i am pleased with how it turned out! i baked it in a pyrex 2 1/2 qt. bowl. very fun!

(they all wanted their own gummy worms...)

i created some "specimen" jars for the decorations...thought it might be good to have some creepy critters floating in "chemicals" ...just colored water:) but they were fun!

(we also had various caution signs up around the rooms where we were...i just googled those)

and lastly the boys all went home with a little something from us...they took home their playdough and bubbles along with some candy and fruit roll ups...

our happy scientist...

avery with her snake from the jar...

all in all a fun time had by everyone! exhausting but really fun:)


Amelia and Justin said...

So, when I am ready to start planning birthday parties - I will be calling you!

Looks like it was a smashing success. How fun!

Lacey said...

WOW_ that looks awesome and that brain cake is freaky!!! I don't know if I could have eaten it!

Melissa said...

So cute Jen! The boys had a great time. The cake turned out great! Isaac is still talking about the snakes and things in jars, he's pretty sure they were real! Thanks for having them!

Audrey said...

It was amazing. You pulled off quite a party. Great job!

rachel said...

Happy Birthday Ethan!! That was an awesome party!! What a creative mind you have to come up with it.

Stephanie Shumway (and family) said...

wow, that's AWESOME! I'm so going to use some of these ideas for a halloween party!