Before and After...{finally}

here are some before pictures of the table, chairs and bench...

(table without a leaf; it came with two additional leaves)

the chairs: the colored ones (4 total) were out on the side of the road of a neighbor's house, so they were free and the black metal ones (3 total) came from DI, $3 each.

these are the cushions before they were recovered...the turquoise stripe was a "first edition" of the seats...didn't like it, so went with some vinyl...


the chairs and table got spray primed with rustoleum gray primer...i spray primed the bench white (no pic) with kilz spray primer....i think spraying the primer on made that process go faster.

my painting helpers!

the table and bench were painted by hand. i wasn't confident enough in my spray painting skills to spray the table and i already had the paint for the bench from a previous project so that had to be brushed on. i used foam brushes to paint it on and for the black for the table i used Behr premixed gloss black paint. i ran out of painting by hand mojo and sprayed the chairs...it worked okay but then i had to go back and touch up a bit. i used minwax polycrylic in gloss to seal everything.

:and now the AFTER:

i am really pleased with how they turned out...we used them yesterday for the first time at avery/daddy's family birthday party and everyone could sit together at the table, it was great! yahoo! glad that project is done! (mostly: i have one chair that needs it seat recovered still...i ran out of vinyl on the last one!)



Tina said...

Wow. That's really all I can say, wow.
I am envious of your finding/re-purposing abilities.
Great job!!

rachel said...

I LOVE how it all turned out! That table is amazing! YAY on family parties!! Happy birthday to them!

Audrey said...

Jen--you are awesome!!!! I love it.

Lacey said...

Beautiful!!! Great job Jen!

Jackie said...

You should be on HGTV... design on a dime. You've got mad skills, lady! That looks great.

H.Cook said...

you are amazing!!!!

Jen @ tatertotsandjello.com said...

It looks great! What a great table. And the polka dots are fun!


Sandra said...

You motivate me to work on a table that I bought a few weeks ago.