happy birthday little lady!

today is avery's third birthday! the time has gone super fast! her start as an infant was a little rough...she was very grumpy for a while...she had reflux and was angry but then once she was close to a year she got super happy and snuggly:) we just love you to pieces little missus! you are a bright shiny light in our house! your passion and sense of fun are infectious and we love that you love babies and blake, and daddy and playing outside and making maps and art and anything you can draw with a pencil (it all looks like squiggles right now but that will change one day!) she got a little play kitchen...i think they love it! i also got her something to contain her "work." she always tells me how she's going to work and she is constantly carrying around a pad of paper and a pencil...and then leaving them all over the house in random places so i thought this might help to contain our "work" and to give her an "official"-ness to her work:)


Melissa said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Audrey said...

Avery is a sweet girl. I love her hugs. Happy Birthday!!!