update in pictures...

what we've been up to lately...minus the painting pictures (because those deserve their own post:))

we made cookies using our letter cookie cutters and i find it oddly satisfying to spell things with dough...

this picture was taken this past week...she is wearing long pjs and a JACKET! it's got to be over 90 in this picture...i couldn't get her to take the jacket off...but she did come in pretty soon after...

cute little man, feeding himself...my how the time flies..he's 9 months old now!

kendall revived the age old tradition of building chair/blanket tents with the kids this week. they loved it. avery is tickling ethan's toes in this picture.


on a separate note:

i {heart} craigslist!

i do. i stalk craigslist when i need something...that is not a surprise (i got both the table and bench from CL) but we just had our first successful selling something on craigslist experience. the table and chairs that i am replacing needed a new home so i listed it today thinking if i got an email or two in the next week that would be great...about an hour after i listed it i got an email and about 3.5 hours after i listed it, it was gone! amazing...what else can i sell????

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