daddy had a birthday!

kendall turned the big 2-9 on saturday! he celebrated by taking the two elder children on a church campout on friday and getting back around 2:30pm on saturday! what a brave guy:) little man and i stayed home, this was always the plan...baby in a tent? what about the crying and all the other tents? then what do i lean up against when i have to nurse the baby in the middle of the night cause we don't do nursing laying down...then what if we wake up the other kids in the tiny tent on the two blow up mattresses? needless to say i got a headache thinking of it not to mention blake in the car trying to get 2.5 hours away and home again in a day and half time period...so we stayed home...and we both were sick so it worked:)

happy birthday to kendall! he's a great guy, a great dad and he loves pie! i asked him what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday and he said,"who says i have to have cake?" yep, a pie man through and through. coconut cream being the fav. this one was store bought...i'll be making one for the family birthday party which is next sunday; a combined party for kendall and the little lady. her birthday is this thursday...we are in that season!

happy boy after camping

dirty dirty feet kids!

on a health update:
we paid three doc. office co pays today:
blake: ear infection, nasty cough, fever, yuck!
avery: virus, but is running a fever and says her throat hurts. doc says virus for now...wait for it to turn into something if it is going to...awesome.
me: sinus infection (with a sore throat that kills, a cough that is ragged and if i sneeze i may die) (again! jackie i feel your pain!) and the doctor sent my antibiotics to who knows where...not where i told her and there's no after hours number to reach a doc...so cool!
ethan: says his throat hurts but mom thinks it was a ploy to get gatorade!
kendall: nothing yet...


Melissa said...

I can't believe you're sick again! Stop it! Hope you feel better and happy birthday to all!

Marisa said...

So sorry to hear it! I hope you all are better soon! It's so hard to take care of sick kids when you are sick too! Good luck!

Jackie said...

I'm so sorry most of you are sick. That's no fun. Summer colds are horrible; where do they come from? I am just getting over sinus infection #2 during this pregnancy. 17 weeks, and I've had 2 already. Miserable. That's great Kendall took the kids camping! I wish we could've gone camping this summer, even though Nate and I have very different versions of camping. ;) Sadly, I won't be able to go to the reunion...expense of travel, school for kiddos/Nate, preggo-ness, etc. Hopefully, the 20 year! ;) Are you and Kendall both going?