30 weeks and our UT trip...

(this is a SUPER long post and has lots of PICTURES so if you make it to the end, give yourself a chocolate from me!)

today i am 30 weeks! yikes, time flies huh? i always feel a little sentimental at 30 weeks of a pregnancy because i was born at 30 weeks. i didn't have a chance to call my mom today and thank her for all of her bedrest and pain and frustration i am sure she endured around my birth but i think i will tomorrow. i am always so thankful that i have healthy babies, even ones who want to go some days after their due date...to me, that's okay. i would so much rather have my baby be healthy and me be a huge sweaty pregnant girl, than be super early as i was and maybe have issues. i was remarkably issue-free when i was born, but still scary to have someone so little!!!!

and i FINALLY got the pictures off my camera of our UT trip...so here are some!
we celebrated my birthday when i got there, which was so fun!

we also had my sister Amanda and her wonderful kids over for dinner the first Sunday we were there...they are so OLD now, which means i am OLD! i did just have a birthday but i changed all these kids diapers at one time or another and bathed them etc. Geoff is in college, Courtney is headed that way (and SOOOOO pretty!) and Mike is doing awesome in high school...wow...amazing.

my sisters, beautiful ladies, with Theo who just turned one and is super cute (and looks, a bit, like Blake, we think)

the younger set of cousins, wow, these kids had SUCH a great time together and they actually let Blake play with them really well too! My sister Erin gave Ethan some awesome How to Train your Dragon PJs and then found some she had for Avery too, so this foursome lived in those pajamas for the first two days we were together...and they let Blake be the dragon-slayer! he loved it!

these boys are approximately one pound different in weight (Theo 26lbs., Blake 25lbs.) and just about the same height. the age difference is 6 months

heading into the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point...

a cool part of the exhibit...you can "build your own dinosaur"

the whole crew at the dinosaur museum...

plus Theo

they had a cool sandy area where you could "discover" bones and things...Dellah is demonstrating in this picture

one of the days we were there, as previously mentioned, Blake and I went shopping with my sister Erin to NPS and Tai Pan Trading (very fun) and Kendall took Ethan and Avery to Temple Square in Salt Lake to see some sights. They got to ride the TRAX system to Temple Square, they loved the trains!

(i'm really not sure how she fit herself in that dog house!)

One of the days we were there we took the kids to BYU. We went in the HBLL (Harold B. Lee Library) and showed them how part of it was underground, which they thought was cool. We saw the planetarium and other really cool things in the Eyring Science Center. Our little scientists LOVED all the cool experiments you could participate in at that building.

Air cannon on the stair landing, you can aim it down below you and when you hit the end with the leather stretched over it, a very directed "whoosh" of air would come out the other end at the person you aimed at. pretty cool
optical illusion of a dollar bill

we got to visit with Kendall's uncle Scott (sorry Scott, i didn't get pictures that day!) and his aunt Sandy...here's a new picture so they can replace the old one on the fridge! Blake was in rare form, doing his "funny face" for us and being really cute in general.

we also went to Heritage Park, which is huge and is home to the "This is the Place" monument as well as others, and a petting zoo (the kids FAVORITE thing), panning for gold, and pony rides...that was a big hit!

we also went to the awesome Dimple Dell pool...(no pics) the first time our kids have been in an indoor pool, i think. they had an awesome play structure in the shallow end of the pool that was spouting water out of every hole it could, it was very cool. They also have a small lazy river, which Avery got sucked into a little bit and had to be rescued by me...she refers to it as when she drowned. no pictures of that though.

we celebrated Miss Dellah's 7th birthday! we have such wonderful cousins and i am so glad we had the opportunity to spend time with my family on this trip. Mom and dad were great, Blake immediately started following my dad around and he would wander around and look for my mom all the time if he couldn't find her. A great time was had by all! Thanks Utah family for having us to stay! let's do it again soon!


Mallory said...

It was so great seeing you guys--finally an updated picture for the fridge! Your kids have ruined me: if I don't have 3 just like them, especially a little man like Blake, I wont' be satisfied. Love you!

peachytiffers said...

So fun to visit family! I always feel like Utah has tons of stuff to do and I never know if its just that or that we are always there on vacation. :)

rachel said...

Yay! Family time. Oh so fun. Good job on all the picture taking. It's so crazy trying to see family and take pictures!

Audrey said...

That is a little scary how much Theo looks like Blake. If you hadn't said that wasn't Blake in that picture I wouldn't have ever known!