the monkey strikes again!

on sunday we were all getting ready for church and kendall comes over to me and says, "look where your son is..." and this is what i found. he'd climbed onto the bench next to the table and gotten up on the table...presumably to look at himself in the mirror...i'm not sure:)

before that, this is how we found him on the couch...he's like his daddy, he can sleep anywhere, through anything...cause i'm pretty sure that the kids kissed him like 10 times and they were scrambling all over the couch next to him! sweet kids:)


rachel said...

At first I thought you were showing of decor in that first picture. He looks so perfectly placed;) I really like the I love us picture CUTE! What a cute little guy!

Stephanie Shumway (and family) said...

How sweet :) I love the little leg hanging off the couch :) AND....you have a picture of YOU on the blog!!! What the wha??? :)