we were gone...

and now we are back...betcha didn't even miss us!

i am avoiding downloading my pictures off my camera...i'm not sure why but i am...i guess i don't want to admit that the trip is over...it was a really great time in Utah with my family. i really enjoyed myself.

i had a birthday
we went to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point
we went to Dimple Dell indoor pool
i went to the Salt Lake Temple with Kendall
we played with cousins (of all varieties...old and young:))
i got to go to the infamous Tai Pan Trading and NPS stores and they were AWESOME!
we went to Heritage Park and did all the fun things there (pony rides, petting zoo of sorts, old timey store, saw This is the Place monument among others, lots of walking, train ride...etc)
kids got to go to Temple Square with Kendall while i shopped.

really we had such a great time, we did all that and more, eating out, eating in, visiting aunt sandy and uncle scott and their awesome kids....

pictures to come of awesomeness

just not today. i am feeling very self actualized because i got the car washed yesterday, and today vacuumed it out and cleaned the windows inside and out....i am nesting, what can i say?


Lacey said...

I knew you were gone! Glad you had fun! Can't wait to see your pictures but I know how overwhelming that can be when you go on vacation! Rest your feet instead!

rachel said...

Yay Family! Can't wait to see the pics. wow that car washing thing is totally on my list. Glad you had fun!