9 weeks...

9 weeks seems like a short amount of time. considering that you start a pregnancy with 40 weeks ahead of you and now we are down to single digit weeks...it seems a little crazy! and i feel like we have much to do. although, i am very happy to say that i was able to go through the kids' rooms, and bookshelves and the toy closet this week and take out probably 5-6 bags of stuff...without much complaint at all! it was fabulous. we make an effort to clean out things before birthdays (which is where we are now) or before Christmas...times when i know there will be an influx of new things coming into the house. and i think the kids are pretty used to it by now. they really didn't protest at all. but i do have a strict rule that they are NOT allowed to take things out of the bag once i put it in. No backsies.

the other accomplishment i was able to get through this week was to go through the boxes of kid clothes and organize them by age/size and get them packed up and labeled. i was very happy about that.

now onto my major list of other things to do: (sometimes if i write it down publicly then it helps me to be motivated...)

**baby bedding (this has been a big obstacle for me...i just didn't have any "inspiration" fabric...except when i got back from UT i kept thinking about this black denim my sister had at her house when i was there and i decided i was foolish to not take any with me and asked her pretty please to send some to me...and she said she would! yahoo! and so now i am onto a black/gray, yellow, green with a little bit of blue color scheme...)

**Need to get Ethan and Avery into their shared/bunk bed room. first phase to do the cleaning out, which i have done, second phase is to find dressers for people...we have one, need one more...then we need to get Avery a mattress. we already have her bedding she picked out at Ross...we should be good to go, hopefully by Ethan's birthday which is scary fast in it's approach.

**ethan's birthday party: a family one on that weekend...then a friend one the next weekend.

**i could go on and on with other sewing projects i want to do...finish the fishing hole project, make some washcloths, make another skirt for me, make a shirt dress (or two) for avery, have craft day at my house next week...it goes on and on...

i digress.....

i love this picture of blake...so funny!

before we left for UT, one of ethan's friends had a birthday party, which was SO MUCH fun, she's into tigers and they had a super fun party! they made a jungle room, netting hung from the ceiling...animals hidden all around, jungle noises...it was great! i made this bag for her (used this tutorial mostly)...and of course, freezer paper stenciled on it! i think it turned out cute:) my model was not super still but it's still cute:)

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Nikki said...

9 more weeks!? Crazy! I can't believe you're going to have 4. Does baby have a name yet? I'm thinking of you!! Your kids sure are cute!