6 Oz.

I've never been so happy for someone to gain weight! we went to the doctor yesterday, and Christian gained 6oz. since Monday! yahoooooo!!!! After going to the doctor so many times before and getting bad news, this was so AWESOME! I am excited for little man to keep gaining and we tentatively have his surgery scheduled for Oct. 11. It will be so good to get him all patched up and feeling better! Yay for 7lbs. 2oz!!!!!


rachel said...

Yay!! Here's to onward and upward from here on out. What a cute Man!

Trent and Amber said...

Oh Jen I'm so sorry to hear about the medical issues with Christian. It is NO fun to have a baby in a hospital all hooked up to tubes and wires and I pray all goes smoothly with his surgery. Yay for the weight gain though! that's awesome! my babies are always small too and I know it feels good when they gain a few ounces! Our love and prayers are with you. Amber :>

Mike and Steph said...

Jen, Sorry I'm so behind on the times...CONGRATULATIONS on your handsome little guy! I'm so excited for you guys! I will keep him in my prayers. Hope his surgery goes well! Love and miss you!