bird baby...

i have taken to calling Christian "bird baby"

why? because he's small. and he reminds me of a baby bird.

his small-ness is not surprising in the main, because let's face it...we are not huge people and quite frankly our kids ARE small.

but the fact that he has not gained much weight at all and has, in fact, lost some ounces IS troubling. at birth he weighed 7lbs. 9 oz. when we left the hospital (on a saturday) he weighed 7lbs. 1oz. that's not a big deal. then we went to the pediatrician's office on monday for his first check up and he weighed 7lbs. again not bad. then we went back for a weight check a week later, he was down to 6lbs. 10oz. the doctor says babies can lose weight in the first 10 days, don't worry. we go back three days later on a thursday and he's at 6lbs. 9oz. the trouble is...he's sleepy. and it's a vicious cycle i think, because he's tired and doesn't eat enough so he's still tired because he's not getting the calories he needs...blah blah....so i have been very strict on the every three hours waking him up to eat (employing a wet/cold washcloth and a super cold from the fridge water bottle i put on his naked skin to jolt him awake:) and, hopefully, getting him to eat on both sides...and i'm taking brewer's yeast and drinking my weight in water to make sure i am producing enough milk...and we go back on tuesday to hear great news, i hope! that he has gained some ounces! come on bird baby, you can do it!

on the plus side, he's been sleeping pretty well at night (now that i just wrote that i'll be up all night tonight...isn't that how it goes?) so i have been getting some hours of sleep in a row which has helped a lot.

big picture: i know that some weight loss is okay, i just want to make sure the little man is healthy you know? and i love nursing my babies and would feel sad if i couldn't, although if it's better for his health for me not to, i would totally do it you know? he has some reflux i think...he gags a lot, and has since he was born and this week started throwing up...not all the time, but enough to where i think he may need some zantac. we'll see. but, really he's so cute huh? i think so at least:) i am just drinking in the baby-ness of him!!!!

blake loves to sit in Christian's infant seat (which used to be his...)


rachel said...

Go Christian!! Gain baby gain. We have definitely had some weight loss check ups but you sound like you are making progress. Keep us updated. He's a cute bird anyway;0

Meredith said...

He's so cute Jen. You're doing a great job with him. My boys always slept so much the first few weeks and there was no waking them for anything.

Nikki said...

Cute cute! C'mon baby...eat! He doesn't look like Ethan's twin like Blake did. Definitely a Wilson though :) Love ya! Hope you are doing well!

Audrey said...

Babies are so stressful this way. They can't tell you what's wrong and it's so much worry because they are so tiny.
He's adorable though and I hope he gains for you!

Marisa said...

He is so sweet. I hope all goes well for you in the nursing department. I'm sure you'll be able to fatten him up soon enough. My secret to chubby babies is a chubby mama. Good luck.