relections on Christmas and New Year...

Bless Blogger for actually putting them in the order that i uploaded them in...but it's reverse order, so follow along if you like...
 seriously...i see our future, and she's beautiful and sassy...as a 4 year and as a 14 year old i am sure!
 playing at del taco...we did this on the way to UT and the way home (for lunch)
 it never snowed in Sandy while we were there (thank heavens!) so kendall took the kiddos (along with Uncle Gabriel and their oldest two) to Big Cottonwood Canyon to find some snow. they had a ball.
 Christmas Morning...blake got candy! yahoo! he has the mail bag i made for them strung over his shoulder...more on that later. inspiration for it here
 marble run that blake got for Christmas but they all love. we got it here
 everyone got new umbrellas...they love to pretend it's raining:)
porthole window in the table tent, one on each short end
front of the tent...we'll get better pics later huh?  it's got a half circle window on your right with address (1227 Wilson Way) freezer paper stenciled on it, and you can see blake with the mail bag on delivering mail, because the tent also has a mail slot:) 

 back of the tent, three windows
 b man got a sleeping bag for Christmas so he and avery had a little "sleepover" christmas morning
 ethan got some serious artillery and dad was helping in that endeavor 
 all suited up...it even has a laser light on it for aiming...yikes!
 trying to get pictures in their pjs Christmas Eve ( i made the pants and appliqued Avery's shirt)
 and we're moving...
 at least they are all looking at the camera, sort of!
 acting out the Christmas story..blake was joseph this year, avery is always mary, and ethan was a shepherd again. various stuffed animals are the sheep.
i made a lot of these little guys for ethan's classmates and various other gifts we gave (with popcorn sized versions as well) they are fun and cute! (candy bar wrappers)

so that's our Christmas/Trip in reverse:)  we had a great time.  i've taken all the Christmas decorations down now and i always think of the Forgotten Carols song "I cry the day that i take the tree down" and i did get a little teary...i just love the lights and the decorations and the feeling of Christmas.  i am also sad that 2011 has passed, the year that Christian came into our family, and the year he passed out of it.  Everyday is still hard...doing things with three children is easy for me now...but i constantly feel the baby i am not holding, the diapers i am not changing and the smiles and baby sounds i am not seeing.  I am determined to heal...albeit slowly i am sure.  I am just in process:)  I must remind myself daily that time is what is really going to be the great equalizer.  i hope all of you had a great first of the year!!!


rachel said...

I sing that song the day we take down our decorations too! It is sad to "return" to not Christmas time. It's fun to have it to look forward to though so I look forward to it for next year. love you!

H.Cook said...

Homemade pajamas, tent, and gifts?? You are a rockstar mama! Seriously. Your kids are so lucky. Happy New Year!

Clarissa B. said...

thinking and praying about your family everyday, your christmas was beautiful! seriously that tent is awesome! is it made our of PVC pipes?

candace said...

Jen I think of you and ur family often! you will always be in my prayers and thoughts! your a great mom and such a strong women!!