so we got an anitbiotic for avery after her bronchitis had only improved a little bit with the breathing treatments last week. the doc gave her azithromycin, a five day round of it and it helped enormously. i loved it really. friday was her fifth day and saturday we found that she was covered in red bumps!
yes, folks, that's right she's allergic to it. what? crazy. this is her first time having antibiotics so this is our first opportunity to find something like this out.

ethan had strep throat when he was 13 months old, his first big illness (my kids tend to go in for big ones when they get sick for the first time huh?) and he got amoxicillin and he was completed covered in a raised red rash all over his body!

awesome. so now we are thinking we need to get them ID bracelets with a medi-alert on the backs of them because they have different allergies and it might be hard for grandparents etc. to remember these things....still in the works.

i'm not allergic to anything that i know of, kendall is allergic to molds etc. so somehow i think that carries over with the penicillin family anyway, in my mind. who knows! an allergist we talked to (when ethan had his reaction) said that he would probably grow out of it, but (how do you know?) because everytime you give the medicine, as long as they are still allergic, the reaction will get progressively worse and worse...i don't want to subject them to that and just have an epi-pen ready (mariley, i need to take notes from you how to use one, just in case) SCARY! anyway....so that's what's new with us.
otherwise avery is beginning to voice a lot more things and that makes me very happy and ethan is hilarious and will quote entire scenes from Kung Fu Panda for us, really amazing memory but he totally fits in with all our movie quoting mania we have in our family!


rachel said...

I hope it heals quickly!! I know that allergies really scare me so hopefully these are just temporary and not a whole life kind of trial.

Dean and Jenni said...

Sorry to hear that they have this allergic reaction! I was surprised to hear their 1st time on antibiotics - that blows my mind - You're lucky - I won't bore you with our list of kid illnesses - but fortunately no alergic reactions for any!
As far as the Movie memorization - I think they get that from Kendall - Can he still quote Men in Black word for word? lol! I will never forget him starting that movie - go out and mow the lawn, return and be spot on! Impressive Kendall! Love you guys - Hang in there! you're doing something right! Ethan and Avery are very healthy! :)

Mariley Johnson said...

Big bummer!
It looks like both of our kiddos pulled the allergy straw out of the hat. It stinks!
As for the cause, to make a long story short...one of my docs thought it weird that Kale has an allergy to Amoxicillin since neither Mark nor I do. Mark thought perhaps Kale picked it up while I was on Penicillin during labor with him.
As for the epi-pen....just make sure your hubby is around to do it!

Bethanne said...

I am so sorry!

Leah used to have an allergy to peanuts but she actually grew out of it. And since moving to Texas, we found out Dan has an allergy to red ants - not exactly good living where we do. He has to be extra careful and we just have Benedryl in the car and house until we can cart him to the ER. Scary stuff. Epipens are not too hard to use if you need them though!