i have some of those cork squares, i think they are even 12 x12, or close, that you can hang up on the wall with sticky squares of foam and they make a bulletin board anywhere...you know the ones? well i gave them up as a bad job a few months ago because i put them up but they kept falling down and i added A LOT of sticky squares and they still fell down. today i thought, maybe what i wanted to put on it before was just too heavy. so new idea...between my kids, what i have to bring to enrichment tonight, and all the other things i am supposed to remember, i actually have some sewing projects that need to get done, and some people are actually paying me, so it might be good if i really got them done in a timely fashion huh?

here is a first draft of my project board by my sewing machine/table. i like it. for now. i am sure i'll tweak it later but a good use for one of those blasted cork panels. the stickers are all removable, the same ones i used on avery's dresser and on our doors in our house.

i also want to try to put one to use with this idea, for a mouse pad, looks cool!


Mariley Johnson said...

oh yes i have the same cork board and the same issue. i finally just had to resort to pushing the tack all the way through an the tack is what holds it in place.

rachel said...

CUTE!! It looks awesome. It motivates me to put things on my walls. . . maybe someday:)