what do you think???

so apparently i am at a creative loss lately. it's been a little while since i made anything, like from scratch and brand new...or remade something, which is the subject of our conversation today. i found this at DI the other day (it's a tea light holder with 8 tea light holes) and for some reason i have always been drawn to these types of things...why, i don't know. so i want to refinish it because as is...not that eye catching or just not what i want. so what do i do to it? put on your creative hats here people! do i paint it? if so, what color? do i mod podge it? if so, is that flame retardant? what else can be done to it? i don't want to leave it the way it is necessarily...so speak up and be heard!

(and yay for new batteries for the camera...it's still kicking, just needed new juice!)


Mariley Johnson said...

i love these. I have one in my room, but it holds votives.
you could stain it. you could paint it. those will hold up to the flame, at leat mine do.

Lacey said...

I think you should paint it black and sand the edges for a vintage look.

rachel said...

Cool Jen! I am loving it. Lacey's idea sounds good and you could put cute glass candle holders in it, if it's up high. or you could fill it with polished rocks instead of candles. There's potential here.

Amelia and Justin said...

I think you should do modge podge with fabric - it's my latest favorite thing to do. I don't think that modge podge is flammable, and even so, the tea lights shouldn't be problematic.

If you paint, paint it with polka dots :)