hallelujah....pass the tax refund!

yay! our tax refund is being processed in our checking account as we speak! whew! that makes me feel a lot better:) now i just have to work at not spending it on things that aren't as important as rent until kendall starts his job huh?:) i'm just going to enjoy the time when we don't have to pay Uncle Sam for taxes and we get that blessed child credit:)


Mariley Johnson said...

i hear ya. We just filed our taxes last night.

rachel said...

I am with ya!! We are doing ours this week. Probably the only people in the whole entire US not filing on April 14th!
Oh ya also, we are sick viral bronchitis sick. So we are stuck with our nebulizers for a while even the baby. Such a bummer. So we really aren't being anti social!