the problem with trying lots of things...

is that you are never sure which one worked....avery for the past week has been having trouble after we put her down for bed. she's been crying and screaming and it's just not what she normally does. kendall says that when it's just him home and he puts the kids down, she cries for a while after he puts her down, routinely. i had a hard time believing that but the man doesn't lie so it must be true:) usually, when i put her down, she doesn't make a peep. so her screaming like this was unsettling and kind of odd. so i thought, maybe it's her teeth. maybe her teeth hurt...maybe she's hungry, she's probably due for a growth spurt...then kendall said, maybe she was hot, and then i thought...man, she's almost 18 months old, maybe the routine we have right now isn't sufficient for her anymore, and maybe her bedtime is too early (usually in bed by 7:30). maybe she's just not tired enough. so tonight i gave her some ibuprophen to take care of any teeth issues, we made sure she ate a good dinner and then she ate a whole thing of yoplait yogurt before bed. we turned the fan on in her room, because, even though it's february, it sure isn't freezing here in AZ, and then we got the kids down around 8 instead of 7:30 and then i read some stories with her before we did her normal bedtime routine of lights out and songs etc. and tonight no screaming...but what worked??? whatever it is, i am just glad it did:) the awesome and sometimes frustrating thing about parenting is that it changes just when you get used to something and many times...for inexplicable reasons. oh well, we will keep trying to figure it out. maybe audrey's right and it was the moon:)

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CC said...

Hello! I'm Carolyn. I found your blog through Anne Hanson. Did you use to go to the Gateway ward in Gilbert, AZ?

I hope you figure it all out soon. Sometimes novelty has a way of calming down babies. Glad something worked.

I'm trying to remember if I know a Jen W. Anyway, cute blog!

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