banana day...

since i have declared a hiatus on many things that i could be doing because i am sick and trying to let myself heal...i also declared today banana day. which means banana BREAD day. i make banana bread every christmas season, lately, because i freeze bananas and then by christmas they need to be used. well. it must be christmas in july or our bananas are multiplying like rabbits in there because once again, we have too many and kendall also made a declaration today...let's throw the bananas out!!! well, we can't have all that waste going on so, we made banana bread. the kids like to help so we have made two batches so far, using up 6 bananas and hardly making a dent. i see bananas...you are getting tricky on me, don't worry, i'll catch up to you today after naps!!!! i will post the recipe and the final tally when i've conquered the banana stowaways in our freezer.

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