i think i can safely say i am finally feeling better! saints be praised. i haven't felt that bad in a long tme. note to self: never get a sinus infection again, it kicked my bottom end! now, this week needs to be packed with things i didn't get done last week. we've got a friend birthday party to have for ethan among other things. should be a lot of fun, here's to a good monday people!


Jackie said...

I hear ya. I have one more day of antibiotics...30 days for the last sinus infection. I'm fet up with them all, which is why I met with an immunologist. Those infections knock me on my butt for at least 2 weeks and then I have to muster up energy and pretend like I'm all better for the next 2 weeks. I'm glad you're feeling better because that on top of pregancy is horrible!

Mallory said...

Jimmy and I just got over some sickness, too...it's the worst! I'm glad you are feeling better.

Thank you a million times for the phone, by the way. It's great! Now I have my own little piece of Jen. That is kind of weird, but just know that I'm thankful.

rachel said...

YAY for feeling better!! I hope that it just keeps getting better for ya!