the fourth and a fourth birthday...

this year we celebrated ethan's fourth birthday and the fourth of july with family in Surprise. it was such a fun day! sadly, i was coming down with the sinus infection at that point, but didn't know it, so i felt kind of yuck, but i think everyone else had a great time! we had a breakfast together and opened presents for eth, everyone was SO generous, we are truly blessed! we got to go swimming in Nana and Papa's pool, it is salt water and very nice! the kids took naps, we had lunch, we had cake and we went to see the fireworks later that night, it was a great day!!!! kraig and elise got a new addition to their family that day...howie the puppy! so cute! avery is in love with him as long as he isn't trying to bite her clothes and toes! he's a sweet dog and growing fast!
cute birthday boy!
howie with his stuffed lookalike friend
our cake this year
avery in the tent that ethan got

i'm a yankee doodle dandy, a yankee doodle do or die....born on the 2nd of july!!!!

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