we were eating some blueberries today and found this one. weird huh? mutations happen.
(click on it to see the full weirdness, sorry it's not the clearest pic)
sometimes i feel like we are staving off scurvy when we go to the store...we buy grapes, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, apples...half of our groceries are fruits...it's a good thing but it looks funny in the cart sometimes. we've always called our kids "fruit bats" because they love fruit almost more than anything else. it makes me smile:)


rachel said...

that's freakish. At least there are no bites out of it;) We love fruit too! Lucky for us it's cheap here. We heart the farmer's market especially!

Lacey said...

We are the same way- while we were at Sea World I went to the store for groceries. Other than sandwich meat and cheese all I got was fruit!