How the Lockers Came to Be

okay, so i don't really know how they came to be initially but i know how they came to US! here's how you too can get lockers that are REALLY heavy and probably, we think, from the 50's.

1. look on craigslist obsessively for months.
2. get other lockers that are falling apart and unusable.
3. look obsessively on craigslist again for a month until you find more lockers.
4. call a guy named jimmy
5. go to south phx to a reclamation yard (aka: Junk Yard)and try not to be deterred by the rows and rows of warehouses where any amount of drug deals could and probably do "go down"
6. (mind you we have both our children on this trip)go meet jimmy at the said junk yard.
7. notice that jimmy and the other two yard workers look like the epitome of junk yard workers...conjure that up in your mind and run with it.
8. walk walk walk through the yard and find the lockers.
9. say "yes i would like those lockers" and then go back to the car
10. pass the sound of a barking dog to find the guy who drives the fork lift (at which barking jimmy actually says (and i am NOT lying), "oh, we better not go that way, i haven't fed my dog today")
11. find that they need to get gas for said fork lift and decide that sweet husband will wait with the truck for them to bring the lockers and wife who created this whole hullaballo about lockers will take children home because child number one is getting himself dirtier than the junk yard dog.
12. find husband returning after 1.5 hours because he had to wait while someone RODE HIS BIKE to the gas station to get gas for the fork lift and then they had trouble finding the lockers and then they had to get them in the truck and tie them down because they are so heavy if they, by some miracle, fell out they would crush any car.
13. promise exasperated brother in law that helps sweet husband get lockers off the truck cookies because he not only helped get the first crappy lockers here, and then to the dump but he helped get the second set of lockers (which we may nickname "mammoth") off the truck and into a position that i could work with them.

thank you one and all for bearing with me through my ridiculous wanting of lockers and helping me get them done. wonderful people.

here are some pictures before and after:)

ethan by the "before" lockers

close up of after i washed them, they were...caked in dirt, nasty!

after i had painted them, ethan was begging to do some painting so i let him paint the back...pretty good huh?

here's kendall and shane (bless you both)trying to get these behemoth lockers inside.

had to stop in the doorway and tie them on again....

Ta Da! after some lovely inlaw parents came and bolted them to the wall so no small children would be injured (Thank You!), here they are, in all their glory.



Melissa said...

So cute! They turned out great!

rachel said...

I think they look so AWESOME!! They look like they will hold all kinds of things. . . You are a great organizer!