Six Years Old

happy birthday eldest son!

(5 days old)

wow...time sure flies doesn't? it's amazing how far we have come. you were the start to our family, and we have learned so much from you, and continue to do so everyday.

you are bright, intelligent, happy, friendly, rough and tumble and very loving. we adore you.

thank you for being the big brother in our family. yesterday when you were on your date with nana and papa we missed you. i felt your absence and i was so happy to see you when you returned!

love you so much, buddy boy! keep on cruising...you are amazing to watch, happy birthday!


Lacey said...

I LOVE his LSU shirt! Go Tigers! Happy Birthday Ethan! We are sad we are missing your birthday party!

Nikki said...

Six! How can that be? Happy birthday Ethan!