funny children...

life is good, busy as always, i seem to find things to fill my days:) kendall is on fall break this week, but going into school in the mornings to work on cases for a clinic he is doing...so we get some alone time in the am and then get to see him more in the afternoons! awesome!

so my locker situation is funny: those ones we got are still sitting on our back porch in pretty much the same sad sad condition they were in when we got them, probably worse because both of us have hit them repeatedly with a socket wrench out of frustration and a concerted effort not to swear:) but we went tonight and got some different ones that are infinitely better (and cost about 3 times as much but hey, you get what you pay for right?) and the price we paid was still about 1/4 or so of what they are new, so all in all, i feel really nice about it. so we will be hauling the old away and getting down to business with the new ones soon, pictures to come.

the kids are good, one day i was so tired of avery's hair being in her face and her dislike of clippies that i put two back ponytails in and then swept her "bangs" over into another ponytail in the front, kind of funny but effective. this was before the front ponytail, when she still had the clip in.

she also got to use a spoon this week, all by herself, i know we did this earlier with ethan, but i kind of didn't even think about it until later with her, oh well:)

here is ethan with his Cars umbrella (thanks Melissa and boys!) he pretty much adores this umbrella and carries it around with him most days, cute pic though:)

and this is one of avery's newest hobbies, when ethan will slow down enough to let her do it.

AND AVERY STARTED WALKING! she doesn't do it everywhere or even all the time, but she can do it! that's the important part right:) (sigh) she's getting so big! i am happy for her and sad at the same time you know? it's a good thing. but it's funny, she doesn't do it when i'm in the room, most of the time. always with other people. she finally did it today with me:) so that was fun.

that's what we've been doing. how about you?


Josh and Katy said...

What cute kiddos. That is funny that Avery wouldn't crawl for you! I also wanted to tell you I am so excited for your "all sewn up" website. You've done a great job with it- I am glad you are marketing all your cute products! Happy things are going well! We definitely need a chick-fil-a playdate! ;-)

Mariley Johnson said...

Oh Jen, I miss talking to you in person. It's fun reading your vlog because I can just imagine having this conversation face to face.
Can't wait to see the lockers.

Swenson Family said...

How did I not know you had a blog? Hmmm.. Thanks for posting on mine. :) Cute kids. Avery is huge and so is Ethan. I am glad things are going well for you. Good luck with the lockers!

rachel said...

Jen!! They are getting so big. . . what happened to the time. Thanks so much for dinner. It was so yummy and you still amaze me at your domestic genius by the way.
I hope to return the favor and a few others!! Have a happy day!