the great pumpkin...

we carved a pumpkin! yay! ethan helped by scooping yuckiness out of the inside

and telling daddy what shape to make the pumpkin's features and where to put them. a good time was had by all. avery sat in her chair and watched and wanted to eat the yuckiness out of the pumpkin...oh well:)

so they both got suckers to top it off! fun! yay halloween!

(and i looked somewhat akin to wretched that day so why we decide to take a picture THEN...i don't know!)


Missi Waldron said...

Jen! What an adorable family you have! I am officially a blog stalker by finding you through the Mann's site :). Gotta love blogs. I saw your cute face and was reminded of being together in our BYU ward... such a fun time of life. Keep in touch.

Erika said...

I love your hair. thanks for the good laugh :-)