Occam's Razor...

so i have to admit that i'd never really heard of the principle of Occam's Razor until i watched an episode of House a year ago or so, but basically stated, as i understand it and as i looked it up on the very handy and most of the time reliable Wikipedia...it states that "All other things being equal, the simplest solution is the best"

so my sewing machine started getting really tight the other day when i tried to sew and it has extremely hard to make the needle go up and down...so i took it apart and noticed that when i took the bobbin attachment out, it would not have the tight problem, but when i put it in, it seemed to scrape against itself...very odd and it just started happening all of the sudden.

so i called my mom, whose machine it used to be, but it hadn't really ever happened to her before.

today i called the Bernina Store where i got it fixed last time, and i really like them, so i explained the issue and the lady said, "bring it in, it sounds like a belt problem" so i took it in today and prepared myself to pay the $100 to just walk in the door and then any other repairs on top of that. AND they said that the guy who fixes the machines (who is like a machine wizard, i swear) is booked out A WEEK! (i am trying to get ready for a holiday show...so that is not a good thing to hear..no machine for a week)

so i take it in and the ladies at the front are as puzzled as me and then "mr. wizard" (and i mean that with a lot of respect, he is really good at what he does)i think his name is Lynn....so he comes out and sits down and looks at it, takes it apart just as i had done and then asks me how often i oil the bobbin hook. Not often as i have no oil...i know i am supposed to have some but i never have had any...anyway, i was properly shamed by his look and decided promptly to buy some oil...then he proceeds to tell me, along with other things, that the hook needs to be oiled about every 4-5 full bobbins, he shows me how and voila! it works. like raising someone from the dead.

occam's razor. always the simplest solution! amazing.

also another lesson...OIL THE MACHINE!

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Audrey said...

Isn't that so wonderful that all it needed was a little oil and how fitting since you keep calling him a wizard and that's all the tin man needed was oil!