keep 'em coming..

and then ethan threw up two more times, refused to go to bed because he was so hungry and woke up avery...my mother in law had to come over and rescue me (sainted woman).

and now kendall is sick too.



Mallory said...

Ooooh, for the love. Jen I'm proud of you for not just locking everyone outside in the backyard so they can get all their throwing up out of their systems--after a day like that I would've exploded. I love you laughing at Ethan in the Post Office. . you have such a funny outlook with your kids.

Jackie said...

Thank heavens for close mothers, mothers in law, whatever. I recently had one of those days where mother in law had to come save the day too.

Dallin said...

Hey little JenW..or Tuttle:) Glad to see you are doing so well with your sweet little ones! Where are you living these days and we would love to get together with you and Erin!!! you can email me terilt@gmail.com

rachel said...

Jen you are such a trooper!! We say "I think I can" "I think I can" Like the train when we are going through a hard couple of days. . . Please get well soon all!!