first day of school!!!!

well, we did it! ethan officially has one day of kindergarten under his belt!

about an hour before he needed to be there, i started feeling sad about it. i didn't cry then though, so that's good:) he was super excited and we made sure to have his snack packed, his water bottle ready and everything in his book bag that he would need early so we didn't have to scramble.

Blake fell asleep on the couch while we were reading a story before we took Ethan, and i literally couldn't wake him up, so i took him in the car asleep, but that's why he's not in the hugging picture with avery and ethan....

Ethan before walking out the door!!!

The Transformers backpack he loves!

(this is him a few days before school started...he just likes to wear it around the house:))

here he is walking into the gates of the school....not even a backward glance! As it should be!

he had a great first day...he said they didn't get to talk much, he raised his hand a lot and he doesn't know all the names of the kids in his class yet...i told him he has a while before he needs to know ALL their names:) he was happy when he came home and happy when he left, can't ask for more than that!

i was able to hold it together long enough to get home, get avery and blake down for naps and then i walked into the pantry (i was hungry!) and just started crying...that lasted for about 5 minutes or so and then i felt better and now i am just so proud of our kindergartner! he will have a great year, i know it!

funny side note: i couldn't rest while ethan was gone! sheesh, i was so anxious to know how it was all going and hoping that he was doing well and that everything was going well that i just got some things cut out and sewed! it was pretty relaxing:)


Melissa said...

Yea for Ethan! How exciting! PS- I always feel anxious the entire first day too! Even though they aren't in kindergaten anymore!

Nikki T said...

Oh I love the backpack that's almost bigger than he is. Is he really that old?

rachel said...

Aww!! That was awesome. I am so proud of you both! Good job, on the not crying there. I totally did with Hunter but I am hoping to not with Benson. Just to be sure I am not going to think about it;)