Snaggle Tooth...

he finally accomplished his desires to lose a tooth! a few weeks ago, he kind of bonked his chin and said his tooth felt loose after that...and i encouraged him to NOT wiggle it so much because i was afraid it wasn't really ready to come out and it would hurt and or bleed a lot if it came out too early.

fast forward several weeks...he mentioned it on and off, but really it was put on the back burner of my mind...kendall and i went out on a date on friday night and while we were at dinner, his mom (bless her for babysitting!) texted me that e's tooth had come out, while eating garlic bread, no less! so we called to talk to him...it didn't bleed at all, really, didn't hurt, just surprised him...wow! what a growing up boy!

i shouldn't be that surprised i guess because at the last dental appointment he and avery had (last month? earlier this month? i can't remember...my months and weeks and days are blurring together) his adult teeth looked SUPER close to the surface...and now he says the tooth next to it feels wiggly as well...i better get on making the tooth pillow...i think i want to make this one...cute huh?

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Lacey said...

That's the first one Elodie lost tooth....and same as Ethan the next 2 in the row came out several weeks later! She has lost 3 total. So fun! But I let Chris do the pulling!