we went to meet ethan's kindergarten teacher today...i'm not sure i am ready for this! it's half day, everyday...but still...the fact that he can go, will go, is ready to go, and will love it...amazing.

i'm not sure where the time has gone and i feel emotional about it. i am sure i will feel even more emotional when he goes....i like his teacher, i am happy with what i have seen of the school so far...he's going to love it and thrive i am sure. he's a smart boy, but i guess i just want to hold on a little longer.

life moves on really quickly...how do we almost have 4 children? amazing.

thank you universe for listening to my existential ramblings...sometimes my mind is boggled by how fast these last years have gone.


Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same thing about my daughter the other day. She's only 17 months but how can she be so capable, so clever, so determined when just last year she couldn't even crawl!

I'm expecting our second in December so I just keep thinking that in 2012 both my babies will be little people. When they say it goes quick you really don't believe it until you have your own kids. I think it must be because were having so much fun/stressed ;D

Lacey said...

I'm afraid it doesn't get any easier! And the sad part is it speeds up once they do start school! I want my little kindergartner back and she will be in 2nd grade this year!!!??!? I don't like it one bit!
He will do amazing!

rachel said...

I know right. I was just looking at our little preschool/joy school pictures the other day. . . E man is amazing and will probably go into the fourth grade next year. Benson picked out his backpack today.CRAZY!