Fourth of July and Birthday...

Ethan had his sixth birthday party with the family...minus elise! we missed you! We went to Surprise and spent the day with Nana Kay and Papa Jerry and swam in their pool, ate delicious food...and had a great time! i am so grateful for all of our family who are so generous and loving and wonderful to our family and the kids! we love you! thanks for making his birthday great!

i made some quick embellished t shirts for the kids on the fourth...blake's has a red star...

avery's shirt has hearts (denim and red/white polka dot)...that is an actual headlamp she's wearing BTW...

birthday boy...has a matching stripe shirt with blake but no star...he was deemed old enough to escape my embellishing...this time! (6 years old! ga! how does this happen??)

first round of cupcakes (on his actual birthday)

second round of cupcakes, at Nana and Papa's house on the 4th! Idea from Hello Cupcake

Avery is showing us the Smencils Ethan got for a present...amazing scented pencils...i didn't know they existed but that root beer one REALLY smells like root beer! amazing!

No celebration is complete unless blake has at least half of his face covered in frosting! so funny!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaand...hopefully my mojo is back in full force...because i bought this oh so cute fabric online and it came in the mail this last week for baby Christian's bedding! i love it! i am excited to see the bedding come together!

pictures of Ethan's friend party (and round 3 of cupcakes) coming soon!

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Elizabeth O. said...

So happy you guys had a nice holiday. I love that fabric. Where do you buy fabric online and is it reasonably priced even with shipping?