a rather tight pinch...

so we went to mcdonald's yesterday to play at the play area...i was feeling like i wanted the kids to pick something they wanted to do and this is what they picked...so we went.

about 1/3 of the way through our time there i started hearing blake cry...and then he wasn't stopping. so i went over and asked ethan where he was and he said he was standing at the top of the slide and wouldn't go down the slide with him (ethan). he also wouldn't go to the stairs to come down, or move in anyway...he was stuck. so here's me...34 weeks big, first i tried to go up the slide (it's a barrel/covered slide which is why he was scared of it i presume) but i kept slipping and needing stomach muscles i didn't have to get me up there. so that wasn't going to work.

then i went up the stairs, which are made for people ages 2-6, not people growing a whole other person...it wasn't pretty i have to tell ya! then i had to squeeze myself through a series of very small tunnels, and i finally got to him, and talked him down to me...then i had to get him out ahead of me...and contend with this other little kid who kept trying to go down before us...seriously he was right at my side the whole time and kept trying to get in front of blake...really kid? just hold your horses!

the best part? i was wearing a skirt! hahahahah! i am fairly certain i flashed some kids...oh well...you do what you have to, but i felt like i was being born again trying to get in and out of that play area with blake! yikes! needless to say he didn't go up into the tunnels again while we were there!

then when i sat back down after that, this older guy (who was sitting with his wife..grandpa of someone there i am sure) said something to the effect of, "i thought i was going to have to come in after you! or call 911...woman delivers baby on 3rd level of McDonald's play area..."

yep, that would be quite a headline!


rachel said...

Been there!! I was pregnant with Benson Hunter was 2 yrs old. Not pleasant. I am so glad you got out okay. That is one for the baby books for sure. The baby's first McDonalds slide;)

Mariley Johnson said...

I'm laughing really hard right now and trying to explain to Mark how funny it is. He can't relate. He's never been pregnant! I guess that's why it makes me laugh because I am trying to imagine doing that! Way to go super mom!
And the headline is hilarious too!

Nikki said...

Aww man!! Someone should have helped you!!

Stephanie Shumway (and family) said...

ha ha!! It's just to give you empathy for the baby that's coming soon :)